Pre-College Programs

Weeklong summer immersion programs at UNC Asheville offer students a deep dive into academic topics and hands-on experience.

UNC Asheville’s Pre-College Programs introduce high school students to college-level study, university life, and career options in a dynamic learning environment. Each one-week program offers deep immersion into an academic topic, challenging activities, and the opportunity to engage with industry professionals.

Dates: June 14-19, 2020 and June 21-26, 2020

Format: Pre-College Programs run from Sunday to Friday, and each day is filled with both classroom and recreational activity. All programs include hands-on learning and projects, and many programs will feature off-campus excursions. All students live on campus to fully experience university life and the surrounding community. 

Eligibility:  Pre-College Programs are open to rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Tuition: Programs start at $1,200 and includes lodging, meals, all course materials, activities, and excursions.



Explore the foundational sciences related to careers in medicine and human health. Includes both classroom and clinical experiences, as well as tours of local healthcare facilities and labs. Register Now

Destination SPACE: Aerospace Engineering and Climate Science

Build and test nano-satellites and Jiggy Bots to collect and analyze live atmospheric data from weather balloons that you launch. Meet NASA and NOAA scientists and engineers. Register Now

Crafting Our Digital Identities

Explore how we filter our lives through the lenses of the internet, social media, mobile devices, games, and apps. Hands-on experience with digital tools and website building will provide insight into how the internet works and how we can shape our own digital identities. Register Now

Human Rights and International Law

Explore the foundations of human rights worldwide. Take part in a mock U.S. Supreme Court session, United Nations, and International Criminal Court proceeding. Register Now

Geology & Ecology of WNC Streams

Explore regional stream environments, rock identification, fishes and macroinvertebrates, and weathering and erosion. Lab and field experiences will include snorkeling and using ecology gear. Register Now

Visual Storytelling

Learn the elements of filmmaking, lighting, audio, film direction, and filmmaking theory and aesthetics. Learn how to operate a professional video camera for studio and documentary filmmaking. Register Now

Chaos and Fractals

Learn the mind-bending concept of fractals. Through lab explorations and experiments, learn how to construct fractals, fractal dimension, the game of life, celestial mechanics, and more. Register Now

The Expressive Voice

Learn how to expand vocal expressive range for speaking, singing, or character voices using the Estill Voice Training System. Explore vocal tract structures and learn how to manipulate them. Register Now

Entrepreneurship: Ideas to Action

Learn to transform a social entrepreneurship idea into a dynamic proposal. Delve into problem analysis, ideation, and communicating ideas. Pitch your idea in a final competition. Register Now

Journalism, Public Relations, and Social Media in the Digital Age

Examine how journalism has changed in the digital age and impacted how we receive and interpret news. Includes immersive visits with local media outlets. Register Now

Health & Well-Being: A Path to Success

Assess personal health status and learn strategies to maintain well-being. Through group activities and experiential learning, find out how awareness of and changes to fitness habits, nutrition, relationships, stress, and other wellness factors can impact college success. Register Now

Film Scoring and Sound Design

Learn how to compose an original score for a film scene. Learn how to develop a score concept, where to create harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic themes and motifs. Study the dynamics of a scene using sound design. Register Now